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About Us

The Sabella family at City of Hope HospitalLOVE of the GAME

was founded to partner with and contribute to worthy charities through youth athletics.

Kids are empowered to raise money through sponsorships for exemplary performance in their respective sport.

By connecting leadership skills, athletic performance, and philanthropy, Love of the Game aims to support organizations and initiatives that better our communities.

This season our Athletes will raise money for
   the Pediatric Cancer Program at City of Hope Hospital 

Dear Friends and Family,

 As parents, Lance and I feel lucky to have happy, healthy kids. Raising them in today’s world has its challenges and like most parents, we want to teach them compassion towards others and to appreciate how fortunate they are. As our kids have gotten a little older and more aware of the world around them, we’ve noticed they have a natural instinct to want to help and make a difference.

 It was their genuine interest in philanthropy that got us thinking about ways they could be empowered to raise funds for the causes they believe in.  After discussing the idea with them, our son, Logan, suggested using his involvement in sports. This inspired us to establish Love of the Game Corporation, a non-profit, charitable organization.

 To date we have raised over $13,500 with participation from friends in Little League and Pony Baseball, as well as flag football and soccer.  The money raised has gone to the Pediatric Cancer Program at City of Hope Hospital and to Miller Children’s Hospital. Love of the Game is a platform for kids of all ages to use their interests to make a difference for someone else in need. We hope you get behind the idea – more importantly, we hope your kids get behind it, and feel how powerful they can be.

Robin Sabella


WELCOME Ace for a Cure!

Morgan Esters and Quinn Fulton are bringing Love of the Game and philanthropy to Girls Volleyball!

They have come up with a plan and reached out to their league to present “Ace for a Cure”. Together they will work with their team to get pledges and raise money through each ace made this season. They’ve decided they want the money raised to go to the Pediatric Cancer Program at City of Hope Hospital to continue our support of that great organization. Way to go girls! You are wonderful examples you are of how teens can make a difference. I can’t wait to see how much you raise.

If YOU play volleyball, you too can join Ace for a Cure! Just Click on the “enroll now” button to sign up and get more information

Welcome to Ace for a Cure


Spring is in the Air!  


Join us this spring with HITS for HOPE. Register now and get those pledges for each base hit you earn this season. The money you earn helps children and their families who are fighting cancer. Let’s remember them while we are enjoying beautiful weather and great baseball.


Love of the Game would like to congratulate the Friday Night Lights flag football league in Los Alamitos! Several of their teams signed up for Touchdowns for Treatment! Each touchdown scored by their players, raised money for Miller Children’s Hospital right in their very own Long Beach! Friday Night Lights raised over $3600 for Millers – Amazing!

Here is an article from the Miller Children’s Hospital Newsletter. Thank you for recognizing the importance of showing our children how they can make a difference in their community.

Miller Children’s Hospital Article


Congratulations Logan for being recognized by “The Patch” online newspaper, LA Daily News and CBS People to Watch! Way to go and keep it up!

Check out the links to these and other press/videos along the right side of the page.


Love of the Game 2010 Recognition Video

Thank you to everyone  who participated in our first season of Love of the Game.

Last night we held a recognition event at Woodland Hills Country Club to honor the kids who participated and celebrate them collectively donating over $3,000 for pediatric cancer. We hope those of you who were able to attend had a great evening and were inspired by what these kids can accomplish when they get together.

Many of you asked for a link to the video that we showed as a part of the evening. I think I’ve managed to get it here although it links through facebook. Please feel free to share it with family and friends.

Thank you again, and here’s to an even bigger and better 2011 season!

The Sabella Family  


We were so proud to take kids representing baseball, football, and soccer to City of Hope Hospital to make our donation to their pediatric cancer department.

The wonderful hospital staff gave us a tour of the facility (including a real-life lab), answered questions and showed their appreciation for the accomplishment of these great kids. 

One of the programs we decided to support is a transportation service for children and families who are in treatment for pediatric cancer.

Look for more pictures from our visit in our photo gallery.